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In our shop-studio we design, create and commercialize unique jewels, limited editions and on demand pieces with a high variety of materials: noble metals, gems and also alternative materials.

We offer the highest quality for our materials as so as artisanal manufacture.

Our jewels have D’A distinctive, given by La Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalunya’s Government). This distinctive certifies artisanal origins and product quality.

In Opera Joies, the proximity manners are one of our actives.

These metals are gold, silver, palladium, rhodium and platinum.
24-carat gold or 999,99 millessimes is soft.
For having 18-carat gold or 750 millessimes for working and make jewels it’s necessary to make a silver and copper alloy. Then, the gold is strong and ductile.

White gold it’s the result for a 24-carat gold and palladium alloys.
Palladium function is discolouring the gold.
It is frequent submerging the white gold jewels in rhodium, for being whiter.

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